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Duizenden Nederlanders en Belgen boekten sinds 2015 een surfvakantie bij SurfaWhile met een review score van 9.4. Lees meer.

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4.7/ 5 - 148 reviews


SurfaWhile is beoordeeld met een 4.7 /5 op Google, gebaseerd op 148 reviews. Hieronder vind je maximaal 5 reviews:

4/ 5

Adriaan X

The Star Surf camp in Playa de Oyambre Spain was super! Well orgnized, great staff, nice atmosphere in the camp and family friendly entertainment activities. We did learn to

surf a bit. There were several families with teenagers and we all had a great time together. Communication from SurfaWhile though was a bit unclear: the one and only email with important details and the destination adres ended up in our spam folder (unlike all the other Surfawhile communications) and I didn't get this info. Result: we drove to the wrong adres first and we missed some important required items - which was the only hitch in an otherwise perfect week! So check your spam folder! We had the glamping arrangement, which gave us a decent tent with a nice small sunshades porch in front, but not really a lot of interior space. Bottom line though was the best holiday we had in years! I'm rating it 4/5 due to miscommunication on the travel details. Otherwise I'd had given it a 5/5.

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4/ 5

Jan Helder

Great service and friendly approach. Slightly disappointed by their choice to either a) pay extra for the increased fuel costs or b) leave a Google review. Not very stylish an

takes away the good nature of reviews (due to financial "compensation".

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4/ 5

Kim Nijs

Had an awesome time at Moliets Deluxe! I really liked the combination of being able to join the activities at main camp and enjoy the rest in the deluxe camp! Lot of nice acti

ities, great waves, good food. Walking distance to the beach with the board is a little tough though.

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4/ 5

Kristel Ruiter

Friendly service, great accessibility via WhatsApp. I've booked my bus travel fast & easy. Only little disappointed by the fact that I'm asked tot pay extra (5 months after ea

ly-booking) because of increased fuel prices.

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3/ 5

Niels Scholte

This trip was a mixed bag. First, what was good was the transport bus, the friendly staff, the good food, the surfing and the fun activities. However, the week ideal for seve

al reasons: - The wet suit that I was assigned wasn't watertight which caused friction with my skin. this peeled my skin from my knees and thighs on the very first day, which became very painful wounds the size of table spoons. these wounds lasted the entire week. - The first day and the last day are not included. With the arranged bus, you arrive at 11.00, but you can only check in at 15.00. On departure day, you have to check out at 11.00 but the bus leaves at 18.30 (this time is not communicated, even when asked for). Those days you have to rent additional surfing atire even if you book all the additional rental and classes. - If you book the 2 additional surfing classes, they give double classes on single days, rather than do it on arrival or leaving day, as expected. On these second classes you're already exhausted. - There were hardly any people (effectively 3 other guests, 2 others didn't speak English) so very often there was nothing going on in the camp after surfing until dinner 15.00-19.30. This lead to a rather boring week. -On arrival day it was raining. Because there were no surfing classes, surf attire and no other guests, there was nothing to do. - There was no camp photographer which means I have no pictures of myself surfing, and only a few sitting at the beach and with my board. All other camps did have this. - Half of the days it was really cold and it rained, which is unfortunate but not necessarily a devastation thing because you can still surf in the rain, but warm water was down on one of these days, and that really sucked after surfing because you're freezing and everything is wet and cold. - The communication about the bus ride home was rather unhelpful and didn't help me plan what I was going to do on the last day. I had to ask people from the other surf camp to provide me with the time so I knew I had enough time to still go surfing.

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